OMNICHECK ECI Empty Can Inspection System

Features and benefits

• In-Line Automatic Inspection & Rejection System
• Operates Up To 2,400 Cans Per Minute
• Damaged / Dented Flange (Reduces Leakers)
• Flange Ovality (Reduces Seamer Jams)
• Damaged / Dented Side Walls (Reduces Filler In-Feed Jams)
• Damaged / Dented Base
• Foreign Particles
• Accurate Tracking At Full Production Speeds
• Utilizes an OMNILINE High Speed Air Blast Rejector
• Touch-Screen Interface With Remote Access
• Compact Electronics Enclosure
• Optional Graphics Identification
• 22” HMI with Remote Access
• IP65 Electronics Enclosure
• Integrated UPS with Power Monitoring
• Compact IP65 Electronics Enclosure

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