OMNILINE High Performance Impulse Rejection System

Features and benefits
• Omniline Low Pressure Impulse Rejector
• Low Pressure (60 PSI) High Speed (8 ms Cycle Time)
• Capable Of Rejecting Up To 1,400 Bottles Per Minute or 2600 Cans Per Minute
• Uses A Single Actuator (Only One Moving Part) Reducing Maintenance & Downtime
• Long Life Components Provide Excellent System Reliability
• Operates From Full Stop To Maximum Speed with no Performance Degradation
• Upright Rejection With Various Fill Heights
• Automatically Adjusts For Various Container Diameters
• Performs On All Container Types & Sizes
• 12 Month Full System Warranty (Including The Pad)
• Available with Soft or Hard Pad Configuration
• Complete System Includes Conveyor Mount and Air Controls
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OMNILINE Impulse Rejection