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Nowadays the need for tighter fault detection and quality assurance are critical if you want to increase the efficiency of your production line and protects your brand integrity.

Let us help you to define your inspection systems to ensure your product's integrity meets the expected standards.

Metal Container Inspection

Visual check of empty cans just after having been depalletized allows you to filter defective cans before they reach the Canning Line Machines.

It does not matter whether the cans are intended for use in the beverage, food or non-food industries. Deformed, distorted and damaged empty cans could cause obstructions in the filler / closer system and paralyze the efficiency and productivity of the complete line if they are not rejected properly.

Can inspectors can check the inner side wall and the base area as well as the top edge of the can and can detect deformation, cracks, contamination or other defects and will ensure that these cans are correctly channeled out of the system to enable trouble-free filling and distribution.

Systems can be tailored and calibrated to fit even the most unusual niche applications. Reach out to our team of experts and see what we can do for you.

Glass Container Inspection

Glass containers represent special inspection challenges. Container shape, sizing and color can make glass difficult to inspect because of the nature of the product itself. Product quality is extremely important, and the cost of any rework is high.

Stringent quality control and inspection procedures need to be applied to ensure that no cracks, scratches, bubbles, or dirt particles are present. By ensuring the highest levels of product safety and quality you can protect consumers against substandard products and minimize the risk of recalls, in turn helping manufacturers uphold brand integrity.

Manufacturers can optimize overall production line efficiency, avoid product waste and ensure customer satisfaction by detecting imperfections in empty glass containers (body and finish), foreign objects, residual liquid and many more. Systems can be tailored and calibrated to fit even the most unusual niche applications. Reach out to our team of experts and see what we can do for you.

Plastic Container Inspection

Successful operation, Quality and Production, of all the PET Bottling Lines requires PET bottles exempt by deformations that can result in damaged or wasted product.

Deformations in plastic bottles or containers require quick and consistent inspection.

With our customized system, we inspect bottle’s sidewalls, bottom wall, miniscule defects, dark matter, caps issues, contaminants, and other irregularities, automatically rejecting them right off the production line into a “bad” output area.

Please contact us for more information about how we could help you to improve your manufacturing process, increase quality, and reduce downtime.

Inspection Solutions customized according to your need.

We can help you to perfect your production rate, eliminate recall risk and improve overall quality for distributor compliance and end user satisfaction maintaining the reputation of your products and increase liability.

Contact us and talk with our experts that would be happy to assist you! We are ready to find the most feasible solution for your specific needs.