Omnicheck EBI

The shape, sizing and colour of glass containers—as well as the nature of the material itself—can present special inspection challenges.

When product quality is extremely important and the cost of rework is particularly high, stringent quality control and inspection procedures need to be applied to ensure that no cracks, scratches, bubbles, dirt particles or other imperfections are present.

Omnifission’s Empty Bottle Inspection Systems optimize overall production line efficiency, avoid product waste and ensure customer satisfaction by detecting both body and finish imperfections in empty glass containers, as well as foreign objects, residual liquid and much more. By ensuring the highest levels of product safety and quality, you can protect consumers from substandard products and minimize the risk of recall.

Features & Benefits

  • Empty Bottle Inspection
  • Base, Finish, Inner Sidewall and Outer Sidewall
  • Bottle Sorting Capability
  • Up-to 8 Cameras
  • Modular with Small Footprint
  • Reject Image Library
  • User Friendly GUI
  • Speeds up to 520 BPM
  • High Resolution Encoder Tracking
  • 22” HMI with Remote Access
  • IP 67 Electronics Enclosure
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Complaint
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