Omnicheck ECI

Deformed, distorted and damaged empty cans cause obstructions in filler/closer systems and paralyze the efficiency and productivity of the complete line if they are not identified properly. A visual check of empty cans just after they have been depalletized allows you to eliminate defective cans before they reach the canning line.

Regardless of whether the cans are destined for use in the food, beverage or other industries, Omnifission’s Empty Can Inspection Systems can check the inner side wall, base area, and top edge of the can to detect deformation, cracks, contamination or other defects to ensure that cans are correctly channeled out of the system—enabling trouble-free filling and distribution.

Systems can be tailored and calibrated to fit even the most unique niche applications.

Features & Benefits

  • In-Line Automatic Inspection & Rejection System
  • Operates up to 2,400 Cans Per Minute
  • Damaged / Dented Flange (Reduces Leakers)
  • Flange Ovality (Reduces Seamer Jams)
  • Damaged / Dented Side Walls (Reduces Filler In-Feed Jams)
  • Damaged / Dented Base
  • Foreign Particles
  • Accurate Tracking at Full Production Speeds
  • Utilizes an OMNILINE High-Speed Airblast Rejector
  • Touch-Screen Interface with Remote Access
  • Compact Electronics Enclosure
  • Optional Graphics Identification
  • 22” HMI with Remote Access
  • IP65 Electronics Enclosure
  • Integrated UPS with Power Monitoring
  • Compact IP65 Electronics Enclosure
  • Specifically Designed for Airveyor Applications
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