Production lines around the globe rely on Omnifission to provide superior inspection, rejection and calibration solutions for their bottling, canning and packaging operations. Each of our quality control systems is built on the rock-solid relationships and dedicated customer service we offer to every one of our clients.

What we offer


Perfect your production rate, eliminate recall risk and improve overall quality with Omnifission’s line of inspection solutions.


Automatically identify and remove non-conforming goods without stopping the production line with Omnifission’s line of rejection solutions.


Efficient production lines require precise calibration. Omnifission‘s calibration solutions improve instrument accuracy and keep your line running at peak performance

Ensure your manufacturing team has the skills it needs to operate and maintain your quality control assets with Omnifission‘s comprehensive training programs.


Keep your Omnifission quality control systems in optimal condition with replacement parts and expert service technicians.

Need a personalized solution?

We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and customize equipment to meet your specific requirements.

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Omnifission offers its own line of proprietary inspection, rejection and calibration solutions that can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Omnifission is also the exclusive distributor of FILTEC machines, parts and service in Canada and the Caribbean.

Who we serve

Breweries & Spirit Distilleries


Beverage Bottling & Canning


Food Packaging & Canning


Consumer Packaged Goods





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