Omnicheck WCD

The wet case detector uses a sensor bar beneath cases. In the event of a wet case the liquid increases conductivity between the two connections of the sensor bar. This signal is then interpreted by the PLC and based on a user set threshold the case is tracked to a reject station where it will push the wet case off the conveyor. The Wet Case Detection System can also be used to notify production if a programmed number of wet cases has been detected by the sensor bar, indicating a production issue.

Features & Benefits

  • Detects Wet Cases
  • Standard 16” sensor bar
  • Easy Installation
  • Capable Detection Up to 160 Cases per Minute
  • Integrated UPS
  • 8” HMI
  • Optional 15” HMI with Remote Access
  • IP 65 Electronics Enclosure
  • Rejection or Line Stop Output Available
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